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Wystawcy amerykańscy na ISPO MUNICH 2014

Na ISPO MUNICH 2014 wystawia się ponad 100 firm amerykańskich, w tym firmy biorące udział w programie promocyjnym Departamentu Handlu USA, których wykaz wraz z profilami działalności prezentujemy poniżej.

Biuro Radcy Handlowego Ambasady USA zachęca do odwiedzenia targów sprzętu sportowego ISPO Munich, odbywających się w Monachium w dniach 26 – 29 stycznia 2014. ISPO Munich  są największą i najważniejszą imprezą targową artykułów sportowych na świecie.  W tegorocznych targach weźmie udział ponad 2,500 wystawców z 50 krajów, a organizatorzy spodziewają się  80,000 zwiedzających z około 100 krajów. Więcej informacji na http://munich.ispo.com/en/

Targi są doskonałą platformą do nawiązania kontaktów handlowych z producentami artykułów sportowych ze Stanów Zjednoczonych. 

W przypadku zainteresowania spotkaniem z  wybranym wystawcą  amerykańskim lub dodatkowymi informacjami prosimy o kontakt z Aleksandrą Prus w naszym biurze Aleksandra.Prus@trade.gov.

Wystawcy amerykańscy na ISPO MUNICH 2014



Products/Services:  Bubi bottle, the world’s first multi-use scrunchable container. Made from Silicone, the bottle has 30 uses, including hot and cold beverages, rolls up and folds away.

Seeking:  Distributors/Reps, Wholesalers, Retailers

Countries:  Worldwide

Location:  A6.312

Contact:  Craig Madaus  craig@bubibottle.com 



Products/Services:  Eco Vessel is a manufacturing brand of premium quality reusable water bottles and food containers. We offer a full, diverse range of products for both adults and children, and also provide co-branding and OEM services

Seeking:  Distributors/Reps, Wholesalers, Retailers

Countries:  Interested in increasing awareness and obtaining a partnership with a distributor(s) in the EU, UK, and beyond

Location:  A2.500 (Colorado Booth)

Contact:  Jonathan Kosakow  jkosakow@ecovessel.com 

  • HEAPSYLON (BrandNew Finalist Award) 


Products/Services:  Sensoria socks are infused with textile sensors and paired with an electronic anklet, not only tracks steps, speed, calories, altitude gain and distance, but goes well beyond that to track cadence, foot landing technique and weight distribution on the foot as you walk and run. Sensoria identifies injury-prone running styles (heel striking, overpronating, etc.), then leverages a mobile app to coach the runner in real-time via audio cues. The Sensoria dashboard can also help achieve goals, improve performance and reduce risk of gravitating back to bad tendencies. Sensoria is powered by proprietary textile sensors and a Bluetooth-enabled, detachable anklet, which enables it to deliver superior accuracy compared to fitness trackers on the market.   

Seeking:  Distributors/Reps, Wholesalers

Countries:  Worldwide. With Focus on Germany, Benelux, UK, Denmark, Scandinavia, Italy and France

Location:  C2.400 BN23 (BrandNew Area)

Contact:  Paolo Sciarra  paolo.sciarra@heapsylon.com



Products/Services:  Technical fiber additives, fibers, yarns

Seeking:  Distributors/Reps, Wholesalers, Retailers

Countries:  Worldwide

Location:  C2.225

Contact:  Alexander Foyle  alexander.foyle@celliant.com



Products/Services:  Technical Snowboarding Outerwear

Seeking:  Distributors/Reps, Retailers

Countries:  All of Europe

Location:  A1.224

Contact:  Gary Bracelin  gary@homeschoolsnowboarding.com



Products/Services:  Liberty produces award-winning eco-friendly skis for freeride, freestyle, and all terrain riding.  Liberty also makes alpine and touring bindings, and poles. 

Seeking:  Distributors/Reps, Retailers

Countries:  Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy, Poland

Location:  A3.304

Contact:  Dan Chalfant  dan@libertyskis.com

  • ORU KAYAK (BrandNew Award Winner) 


Products/Services:  Oru Kayak Inc. is dedicated to unlocking the wonder of the great outdoors, especially for city dwellers. The Oru Kayak’s on-the-water performance is suited to both novice and experienced kayakers, and it is the most portable, storable kayak on the market. Apartment dwellers can stash an Oru Kayak in a closet or car trunk. Sailors can keep several on board to paddle to shore. Travelers can check the Oru Kayak onto a jet. Backpackers can hike an Oru Kayak to remote, untouched waters.

Seeking:  Distributors/Reps,  Retailers. Exposure to the international market.

Countries:  Worldwide. More specifically Scandinavia, U.K. and Japan

Location:  C2.400 BN32  (BrandNew Area)

Contact:  Roberto Gutierrez  roberto@orukayak.com



Products/Services: Phunkshun Wear LLC manufactures facemasks that protect users from winter weather elements, as well as provide sun protection. All our products are anti-microbial, moisture wicking, and UPF 50+. They offer a variety of weights, from very thin material for the warmest of spring days, to a Polartec® fleece lined model. They also offer custom graphic/color capabilities to tailor the product for your specific region, resort, or shop.  

Seeking: Distributors/Reps, Wholesalers, Retailers

Countries: All of Europe

Location: A2.515

Contact:  Jason D. Badgley  jay@phunkshunwear.com



Products/Services: Bi-Level Snowskates completes, Snowskate Top Decks,  Snowskate Skis, Snowskate Trucks, Snowskate Leashes, Snowskate Grip.  Main objection for attending Munich is to gain Predog Snowskate brand awareness in the industry and identify alternative manufacturing opportunities in hopes to drive production cost down.

Seeking: Distributors/Reps, Wholesalers, Retailers, Manufacturing

Countries: US, Japan, Austria, Germany, Canada and others

Location:  A1.320/321

Contact:  Jim Spiers  jim@predog.com

  • QUICKPOLES, LLC (BrandNew Finalist Award)  


Products/Services:  Manufacture and market the only ski poles that snap into ski bindings and become handles for the skis

Seeking:  Distributors/Reps, Wholesalers, Retailers. Generate brand awareness at ski schools and resorts

Countries:  Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and the U.K.

Location:  C2.400 BN  (BrandNew Area)

Contact:  Stuart Starry stuart@quickpoles.com



Products/Services:  At RAMP, we make the finest skis and snowboards using cutting edge green technology in Park City, Utah. Our modern manufacturing process utilizes techniques more commonly found in aerospace fabrication than ski molding. We strictly use top quality, high performance materials. Our unique process allows us to customize the shape of our skis and snowboards on the spot. No other ski manufacturer can claim this. The added benefit of our Factory Direct service is that our customers receive excellent value for their money. If you believe in U.S. manufacturing…buy RAMP.

Seeking:  Distributors/Reps, Retailers.

Countries:  Germany, France,Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, China, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, U.K.

Location:  C2.BN  (BrandNew Area)

Contact:  Mike Kilchenstein  mike.k@rampsports.com



Products/Services:  High-end components for longboard skateboards – specifically Wheels, Bearings, Trucks, Decks, and Griptape

Seeking:  Our objectives at ISPO are to connect with leading Distributors, Wholesalers, and Retailers (either online or brick-and-mortar), as well as Deck manufacturers who need to purchase components to assemble to complete Longboards.  ISPO is also a good opportunity for us to dialogue with colleagues in the industry about current and future trends; and to explore opportunities for strategic partnerships

Countries:  Worldwide

Location:  A2.500 (Colorado Booth), or, A2.310 (Longboard Lounge)

Contact:  Daniel Gesmer  dan@seismicskate.com



Products/Services:  SkiSkootys are snow boot protectors with a comfort sole with the unique feature of being fully adjustable in sizing. There are two versions available.  SkiSkootys Classics provides great traction and are available in five colors. SkiSkootys Claws have reversible steel cleats for superion traction. They have been getting some nice press and visibility lately with many of the World Cup teams from around the globe using their product at Olympic qualifying events.  The video link will give you a better idea of what SkiSkootys are:   


Seeking:  Create general awareness of SkiSkootys and help develop relationships with possible distributors

Countries:  Germany, France, United Kingdom and Italy

Location:  A5.138

Contact:  Sally Lawler  sally@skootys.com



Products/Services:  We at Stella Longboards are committed to manufacturing quality longboards with fresh designs. Our wide variety of shapes and graphics allow you to choose a board that’s right for how you ride. Cruise, bomb, shred, or slide, there’s a Stella for you.

Seeking:  Distributors

Countries:  Worldwide

Location:  A2.123

Contact:  Chris Dunlop  chris@sdsskateboards.com



Products/Services:  Knitted, synthetic, activity specific sock products for men, women and kids

Seeking: Distributors/Reps, Retailers

Countries: Worldwide

Location: B3.419B

Contact: Anita Miller  amiller@thorlo.com



Products/Services:  Backpack, clothing, and accessory company “Made in the USA”. We believe in making things durable, with care, and a style that can go straight from the mountainside to the nightlife.

Seeking: Wholesalers, Distributors

Countries: Worldwide (Italy, France, Spain in particular)

Location: A2.500 (Colorado Booth)

Contact: Lee Runyan  lee@topodesigns.com



Products/Services:  Venture Snowboards is a manufacturer of high performance snowboards and splitboards.  They produce our boards in Silverton, Colorado, USA using wind power and sustainably harvested woods.

Seeking: Distributors/Reps, Wholesalers, Retailers

Countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom

Location: Tailgate ISPO-A1.320/321

Contact: Lisa Branner  lisa@venturesnowboards.com

Aleksandra Prus