Outdoor by ISPO: EOG OutDoor Global Summit Conference 2021 – program

This year OutDoor by ISPO is a unique stand-alone event that offers our industry an opportunity to come together again after almost 2 years since our last event. The EOG team have worked hard to put together a relevant and informative program of events, keynote speakers, panels and workshops.

Below is the EOG program for OutDoor 2021:

Tuesday 5th October 11:05 11:35 The Responsible Revolution | Workshop
EOCA Doing Business for Nature: COPs, Climate and Cooperation?

What are the two COP meetings this autumn hoping to achieve and why does it matter? What does it mean for your business and how can the outdoor industry play its part by making sure it is getting prepared now? How is supporting EOCA to fund conservation relevant in all of this? Three speakers from the business and scientific communities talk COP, Climate and Cooperation and how the outdoor industry must do business for nature.

Julian Lings, EOCA Board Member (Senior Sustainabilty Manager, VF Outdoor Brands, VF Corporation)
Rob Stoneman, Director of Landscape Recovery, The Wildlife Trusts
Maite Angleys, Director of Sustainability, Nikwax & Páramo

Tuesday 5th October 11:40 11:55 The Responsible Revolution | Keynote‍
The Business of Climate Change: How will we do business responsibly in future?

A recent report from the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) tells us that human influence on global warming is 'unequivocal,’ and makes it clear that what is hot today will become hotter tomorrow; extreme floods will become more frequent, wildfires more dangerous and deadly droughts more widespread. We don’t know precisely how climate change will alter the planet, but we do know that it’s complex environmental impact will directly affect business, society, and ecosystems.

This presentation will summarise the latest science (including from IPCC AR6) on emissions/budgets aligned with meeting the Paris goals, and examine the implications this has for corporate strategy, target setting, and disclosures, as well as climate-related financial risks.

Rupert Stuart-Smith (PhD Candidate in climate science and the law at the University of Oxford)

Tuesday 5th October 11:56 12:21 The Responsible Revolution | Panel discussion
Ecocide and the Impact on Business

Ecocide – mass damage and destruction of ecosystems – is destroying nature on which we all depend. There is currently no effective way to stop it, but fast approaching is legislation to make it an international crime. This panel discussion will explain the ecocide law and address the potential impacts, from business repercussions to the benefits for people and planet.

Jonas Roupé, Co-Founder and lead spokesperson Ecocide Law Alliance
Eva Karlsson, CEO, Houdini Sportswear
Rupert Stuart Smith, (PhD Candidate in climate science and the law at the University of Oxford)

Moderator: Dr. Katy Stevens, Head of CSR & Sustainability, European Outdoor Group

Tuesday 5th October 12:30 13:00 The Responsible Revolution | Workshop
Policy as a Driver for Change

As the European Union embarks on ambitious climate and circularity policies, the way in which we will do business responsibly in the future will undoubtedly be affected. This workshop will cover a few of the upcoming initiatives and discuss what they will mean from a business perspective to prepare you for the upcoming changes.

Pascale Moreau, Public Affairs Consultant and Founder, Ohana public affairs

Tuesday 5th October 15:00 15:15 The Responsible Revolution | Keynote
CSR and retail

UNFCCC’s/COP26’s Race to Zero: Retail Campaign

John Revess, WBCSD

Tuesday 5th October 15:16 15:41 The Responsible Revolution | Panel discussion
Retail meets Brand: The Value of Aligned Sustainability Communication

Clear and consistent communication between brands and retailers is of paramount importance to enable a comprehensive understanding of product. Particularly on the topic of sustainability; a minefield of standards, certifications, and acronyms. This panel will explore the value of open dialogue between brands and retailers and show how this has contributed towards guidance and harmonisation on the topic of sustainability.

Marie-Laurie Piednoir, Salomon Sustainability Program Manager
Julian Lings, Senior Sustainabilty Manager, VF Outdoor Brands, VF Corporation
Melanie Gruenwald, Head of Sustainability, AS Adventure –

Moderator: Dr. Katy Stevens, Head of CSR & Sustainability, European Outdoor Group

Tuesday 5th October 15:50 16:20 The Responsible Revolution | Workshop
Guiding the consumer towards sustainability

How can retailers guide the consumer to more sustainable choices? By presenting successful cases and projects and sharing know-how from over ten years of communicating sustainability in the outdoor industry, we look at the different phases of the buying process. Learn when the right timing is for inspiration, information and guidance – and how to maximize effects.

Gabriel Arthur, CEO, NORR Agency

Dr. Verity Hardy, European Outdoor Group

Tuesday 5th October 15:50 16:20 The Responsible Revolution | Workshop
Introduction to Retail CSR A workshop on how retailers can participate, communicate, or understand CSR

‍Joel Svedlund, Sustainability specialist and Managing partner at Peak 63 Outdoor Lab. Scandinavian Outdoor Group

Tuesday 5th October 16:41 17:06 The Responsible Revolution | Panel discussion
Tackling Forced Labour in a Post-Pandemic Era – New Risks and New Challenges

The issue of forced labour is not new, however challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic in the last 18 months have seen a fresh raft of emerging risks and levels of prevalence when it comes to bonded labour and poor conditions for workers. Through the lens of different actors in the value chain, this panel will explore what forced labour is, how the current global crisis is affecting workers and what this means for brands and their supply chains as the outdoor industry looks to build back for a better future and how it can ensure its workers are part of that process.

Mariette van Amstel, Head of Membership, Fair Wear Foundation

Other speakers TBC

Moderator: Dr. Jane Turnbull, Sustainability Project Manager, European Outdoor Group

Tuesday 5th October 17:15 17:45 The Responsible Revolution | Workshop
A New Era of Transparency is Here

On May 27, 2021, the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), along with its technology partner Higg, launched the first phase of a transparency program for publicly sharing data on a product’s environmental impact, starting with its materials content. The program provides a consistent way for brands, retailers, and manufacturers to share sustainability information on apparel and footwear products, across impact categories such as water use, greenhouse gas emissions, and use of fossil fuels. Built on a decade’s worth of tool development, consumer testing, and contributed environmental impact data, this first phase of the Higg Index transparency program is an important step toward a unified approach for industry-wide transparency – in order to provide shoppers with unprecedented visibility into a product’s real impact. Looking forward to welcoming you to our workshop where you can learn more about the journey ahead and how you can take part.

Chris Marshall, Director Transparency Program, Sustainable Apparel Coalition,

Tuesday 5th October 17:15 17:45 The Responsible Revolution | Workshop
The New Fair Wear Guidance on Excessive Overtime

The guidance that Fair Wear releases identifies the root causes of excessive overtime and how purchasing practices can be adapted to respect decent working hours throughout the supply chain.

Niki Janssen, Member learning, Fairwear Foundation,

Wednesday 6th October 11:00 11:30 The Responsible Revolution | Workshop

Christiane Dolva, Fjallraven

‍Wednesday 6th October 11:00 11:30 The Responsible Revolution | Workshop
A positive coexistence with germs – how we can inspire consumers to keep their clothes alive longer

Polygiene® is a leader in finding new ways to reduce the impact of textile and clothing products by extending their life. Over the past ten years they have worked tirelessly to develop new technologies and education programs that help garments and gear stay fresh for longer. During the COVID-19 pandemic they learned even more about how to maintain a product’s hygiene and protection qualities. CEO Ulrika Björk will share learnings from the pandemic and introduce “The Germ Guy” Jason Tetro, who will share some fascinating insights on our relationship with germs, bacteria, and microbes and importantly how this all plays a part with the end-consumer’s role of keeping clothes and gear in use longer. Providing a real sustainability potential.

Ulrika Björk, CEO, Polygiene
Jason Tetro, The Germ Guy

Wednesday 6th October 11:35 11:50 The Responsible Revolution | Keynote
The circular economy – making sure it’s better for the planet than our current model

Sam Gillick-Daniels, Lead Analyst at international environmental not-for-profit WRAP, will cover how measurement and accountability is crucial to ensuring the outdoor industry’s transition to a circular economy doesn’t come at the cost of the environment. He will touch on WRAP’s recent work with the World Resources Institute on how to measure and compare the impact of circular business models with business-as-usual, and show how WRAP’s national agreement, Textiles 2030, will help businesses in the UK go further faster.

Sam Gillick-Daniels, Sustainable Development Researcher and Analyst Team Leader, WRAP

Wednesday 6th October 11:51 12:16 The Responsible Revolution | Panel
Circularity Panel: the implications of selling a product twice.

We all aspire to help create a circular economy, but what happens when we actually try to sell a single product twice? This panel will discuss the hidden obstacles, operational challenges, and sometimes unique opportunities that they have experienced in deploying a truly circular product. The panel will also discuss the potential harm and cautions not always considered when developing these second-hand markets.

Nina Hajikhanian, eCommerce Director, EMEA at Patagonia
Yngvill Ofstad, Board member of Ethical Trade Norway. Bergans Fritid
Julian Lings, Senior Sustainability Manager, VF Outdoor Brands, VF Corporation
Moderator: Scott Nelson, European Outdoor Group

Wednesday 6th October 12:40 13:10 The Responsible Revolution | Workshop
Walking round in circles – how not to get lost measuring the impact of circular business models

Sam Gillick-Daniels, Lead Analyst at international environmental not-for-profit WRAP, will cover the recent report “Square Your Circle: How to Assess the Environmental Impact of Reuse Business Models in Apparel” and lead an exercise on applying it to outdoor wear.

Sam Gillick-Daniels, Lead Analyst, WRAP

Wednesday 6th October 15:17 15:42 The Post-Covid Consumer | Panel
Retail Market Research by the European Outdoor Group – The need for real time market data for the Outdoor Sector.‍

A global pandemic, changing consumer expectations, and sustainability concerns are redefining the retail landscape. Integral to adapting to these challenges is understanding what citizens are buying, where, when and a what price and this requires real time market data. The panel will discuss these challenges and how EOG’s retail point of sale market data report is helping to bring accurate data to the industry more quickly.
It will also cover an exciting next step in the project to cover more retail channels and a UK pilot taking the measure of sales a step further in the second largest market in Europe for outdoor goods.
We will also talk about the need for key sustainability metrics such as the measure of returns and the increasing importance of the ‘resell’ channels

Pauline Shepherd, Head of Market Research, European Outdoor Group
Pippa Goodman, Client Partner, Foresight Factory
Plus another speaker TBC

Moderator: Scott Nelson, European Outdoor Group

Wednesday 6th October 16:05 16:35 The Post-Covid Consumer | Workshop
Outdoor after Covid-19- emerging consumer trends

This presentation will focus on current mega trends and consumer behaviour impacting the sector and wider economy after covid. This will include a review of how citizens are spending their leisure time. It will also focus on retail changes and developments and where and how consumers will shop.

Pippa Goodman, Client Partner, Foresight Factory


Additional content for the event is still being added and updated.

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