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Walltopia Headquarters in Bulgaria suffer an arson attack

On July 5, 2020, at about 3 o’clock at night, an attempt to set fire in the Headquarters of Walltopia – world leading climbing wall and active entertainment attractions manufacturer, located in Sofia, Bulgaria, was made.

Walltopia Headquarters in Bulgaria suffer an arson attack (photo: Walltopia)

The culprits used incendiary liquid to set fire to a temporary rainbow-colored flag installation on the facade of Walltopia’s building.

The crime recorded by the security cameras can undoubtedly be defined as an arson. The motive of the 4 attackers is clear – hatred of the Pride movement, the members of the LGBTQI community and their supporters in the face of Walltopia.

The rainbow flag is a symbol of the LGBTQI society, and with its annual installation on the facade of the Walltopia building, the company expresses its solidarity with people of different sexual orientations and gender identities who live with limitations to their rights.

Both in Bulgaria and around the world, they are often subject to discrimination, physical and verbal attacks – inherently hate crimes.

At Walltopia we believe in the right of every human being to be who they are and we firmly stand by their right to be free and happy, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, race or ethnicity. That is why we see the crime committed against us as a crime against all those who identify with the same values. We remain hopeful that law officers will find the perpetrators and they will take responsibility for their actions.

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