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VF Corporation Launches Enhanced Product Traceability Mapping Data Providing Unprecedented Industry Supply Chain Transparency

VF Corporation enhanced its traceability mapping program today by disclosing Tier 1 through Tier 4 supplier information in a consolidated, downloadable file, providing an unprecedented level of industry transparency. Offering supply chain visibility through Tier 4 suppliers further demonstrates the company’s commitment to continuous improvement and increasing transparency as outlined in its corporate sustainability and responsibility strategy, Made for Change.

“Traceability is foundational to building an ethical and sustainable supply chain and drives improvements for both people and our planet,” explained Shanel Orton, Director, VF Responsible Materials and Traceability. “The new data helps us further validate adherence to VF’s policies and supplier requirements throughout our supply chain, giving our teams, stakeholders and consumers greater confidence that our products are manufactured in a responsible manner.”

VF has prioritized traceability and invested in an initiative to map 100 of its brands’ most iconic products by December 2021. The company currently has 46 product maps published online.

VF Supply Chain Tier Guide (photo: VF Corporation)

The improved data collection allows VF to trace the full end-to-end supply chain, from raw materials conversion to product distribution. The company’s teams are able to use the data to identify opportunities for sustainability or worker well-being improvements deep within its global supply chain.

In addition, the data is translated into both geographical maps and a traceabiliity disclosure list that are published on the company’s website. The new disclosures give stakeholders and consumers visbility into tiers of VF’s supply chain that were previously unavailable and provide greater insights into the orgins of VF products.

“We’re on a journey to drive positive change throughout our global supply chain while simultaneously strengthening the trust between VF and its suppliers, stakeholders and consumers,” said Orton. “We believe this bold action improves our practices and sets an even higher standard in our industry,” stated Orton.

The disclosed data will be updated on a regular basis with new product maps published throughout 2021. For more information, visit https://www.vfc.com/sustainability-and-responsibility/traceability-maps.

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