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Black Diamond apparel collection: made with EMPEL Technology

Black Diamond and EMPEL Technology have reinforced their partnership to improve sustainability in apparel solutions. For the upcoming F21-22 collection, Black Diamond is expanding its product range with new styles manufactured with the revolutionary green technology, taking a further step towards a more sustainable footprint.

fot. Black Diamond

Black Diamond is always looking for new ways to reduce its environmental impact in terms of sustainability. For this reason, for its next autumn/winter season the company is pushing on the styles constructed using fabrics powered by the sustainable GTT’s EMPEL Technology.

Fabric production is the second largest water polluter in the world, quietly polluting trillions of liters of water every year. Traditional wet fabric production methods include the use of water baths to impregnate fabrics with chemicals such as water-repellent substances and dyes. 

The EMPEL Technology is a revolutionary water-repellent treatment which eliminates the use of water pollution from fabric finishing. The secret lies in the uniform polymers that individually wrap each fiber with a protective, molecular-bonded, water-repellent shield. The EMPEL Dry Finish process is water-free and solvent-free.

More sustainable production and more advanced performance: Fabrics treated with EMPEL don’t wet out in heavy or prolonged rainstorms. They have undergone severe rain testing, demonstrating up to 10 times better water resistance compared to other solutions. The EMPEL Technology is uniformly bonded to each fiber at the molecular level to enhance the natural breathability of the fabric, which improves the overall breathability of the system.

In addition, the unique EMPEL polymer chains contain flexible properties that prevent treated fabrics from becoming stiff or loud. Wearing an EMPEL-treated garment is therefore a surprisingly soft and quiet experience.

EMPEL is safe, PFC-free and, according to independent certification by Oeko-Tex, either meets or exceeds global safety standards. 

Brian Larkin, Materials Manager and Apparel Development in Black Diamond:

Black Diamond partnered with GTT to launch the EMPEL treatment on our products. We saw this technology as the perfect convergence of incredible performance and meaningful sustainability.

Kristina Ehrschwendtner, Apparel & Footwear Merchandiser in Black Diamond Europe, confirms:

We believe it is our responsibility not only to deliver high-end gear, but to do so while minimizing our environmental footprint. With GTT we have an innovative partner that offers outstanding performance and at the same time uses clean production methods.

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