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European Outdoor Summit to team up with OutDoor by ISPO in 2021, 5-7 October

The European Outdoor Group (EOG) has confirmed that this year’s European Outdoor Summit (EOS) will be combined with OutDoor by ISPO to create one major European event for the year. The OutDoor by ISPO Global Summit Edition will take place from 5-7 October, in person at Messe Munich and online, and will feature many of the elements that have become key aspects of EOS.

The European Outdoor Summit was launched by the European Outdoor Group in 2014 and has grown into one of the key events on the outdoor industry calendar. Each summit has brought together around 300 senior executives from across Europe and beyond, for a programme of presentations, networking and social events. Sponsored from its foundation by GORE-TEX and ISPO, EOS moves to a different venue each year and the next event was due to be hosted in Annecy by Outdoor Sports Valley.

The EOG and Messe Munich recently confirmed that OutDoor by ISPO, which had been scheduled for early July, will move to October and delivered through a combination of in person and online content. The 2021 European Outdoor Summit (EOS) will be incorporated into the event and will lead the face-to-face programme at the OutDoor by ISPO turning it into the Global Summit Edition for this year.

Mark Held, EOG President, comments: “The European Outdoor Summit is now well established as one of the key dates on the outdoor industry calendar. Its development and success since 2014 have reflected and showcased the rapidly evolving business environment and wider changes in society, and the content and conversations that we deliver through the summit are more relevant and valuable than ever.

European Outdoor Summit 2020, Interlaken (fot. arch. EOS)

“In the current circumstances and in close partnership with Messe Munich, we have made the responsible decision to combine EOS with OutDoor by ISPO for this year. Face-to-face contact and shared experiences remain at the heart of both events and we are optimistic that by October, the OutDoor by ISPO Global Summit Edition can safely proceed. This means that for 2021, everyone in the industry can focus their energy, and the available resources, on one major gathering for the year.

European Outdoor Group Summit Barcelona 2016 (fot. EOS)

“We believe that this  represents the most sensible and viable option for everyone involved, and we are grateful to our colleagues at Outdoor Sports Valley for their support in making this decision. Their cooperation in allowing this combined event to happen as a reaction to the situation this year has been much appreciated.”

Work has already been underway for some time to develop the programme for the OutDoor by ISPO Global Summit Edition, along with curated presentation areas. The main focus will be to host a dynamic and engaging conference format in line with previous editions of EOS, exploring some of the key topics and trends that are most relevant to the outdoor sector, and its future success. As the event takes shape, all of the latest details will be added to the OutDoor by ISPO Global Summit Edition website at www.ispo.com/en/outdoor.

For more information about the EOG, visit www.europeanoutdoorgroup.com.

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